My cat hates you

I love cats. I love the way they walk. I love the way they moew. But most of all I love it when they take a sacred, special moment like the birth of Christ and turn it into something entirely different.

Shut ‘em down

Wow! Nothing like the first day of work to make you feel like a retard. Today I:

1. Spent half an hour trying to figure out which way to swipe the damn keycard.
2. Got lost for an hour trying to return a laptop to the server room.
3. Screwed up at least one Windows 2000 install.

Other than that things went swimmingly. I’m really tired though and it’s not even 8pm. I return again early tomorrow and will hopefully not be as useless.

work. work. work.

work. work. work. the bane of my existance. as mentioned before, I am doing a practicum starting on monday. however, in the meantime. I have to keep on working part-time in order to make ends meet. Which would be all great if it didn’t completely suck ass and people would stop bringing me MS Publisher files with completely unrealistic dealines

Mason: this is a weblog. Write what you want. post pictures even of yourself or sword-weilding lions. I don’t care.