See your favourite North American celebrities supplimenting their already healthy income by doing commercials in Japan. Featuring a series of Brad Pitt blue jeans commercials and most bizzare of all Andy Warhol in a commercial selling video tapes.

Andy still thinks it’s art

Go get em, tiger

Art or Crap

Take the quiz. See if you know your Koons from your Klee. I did and got 12 points out of a possible 16. Well I guess I may as well throw out that Bachelor of Fine Arts degree of mine.

Art or Crap

Picture Day

Due to too much drama, my mind has been preoccupied and thus no posts in the last few days. Here are two photos for you to enjoy.

Picture of me and the room-mate’s cat.

Picture of a computer bag that looks like a robot face

Sing a song of six pence, sing a song of murder

Abortion. You’re either for it or against it. The Pro-Life crowd can be very vocal in their opposition, however I had no idea exactly how vocal they can be. The folks at AbortionIsMurder.org have put out an 11-track CD re-enforcing the Pro-Life message. It features such songs as, “I Can’t Wait to See Your Face”, “Silent Cry”, and “Thank you for me.” The 80’s production quality may be evident, but the message is clear: everyone likes a good tune. Even if it’s sung from the perspective of an aborted fetus.

Regardless of your politics, that red jacket is Fantastic!

Pet Obsessed

I like cats and sometimes dogs. I’m certainly by no stretch of the imagination an animal-hater. But there is a fine line between having a pet in your life and having a pet be your life. After visiting Pet Obsessed it became clear to me that the line wasn’t as vague as I had thought.

My owner is also fluent in Klingon


So I did it. I went out and bought the 10gb iPod yesterday and it’s great. Not only is it a nice external hard drive that I can put all my files onto, it plays my music. Transferring the music to it is stupidly fast and it charges right from the firewire cable. I’m still waiting on getting a proper case for it. Hopefully a Marware sports sleeve but we’ll see. The best part is that it will replace both my old portable CD player and my Palm Pilot which I’ll sell on ebay once I get that set up.


Blog Graffiti

Draw a picture with web-based drawing tools that make MS Paint look like PhotoShop. Then put you name and sit back and wait for the accolades to come in. At least that’s the plan. If you see me on the cover of Artforum, you’ll know why. Note: The website doesn’t play friendly with my web browser of choice. Your mileage may vary.

Move over Damien Hirst, you fucking chump!!


Well there’s the iPod and then there’s this. A portable MP3 player built into the ammunition magazine of a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Holds 20GB and is stainless steel and a USB 2 interface for fast transfer. Also sports an internal lithium battery for up to 10 hours of playback and anti-shock protection. Makes a great accessory for a camouflage bikini.


Brandon Bird

Brandon Bird is a painter from Sacremento whose infuses his paintings with pop culture images in a variety of different circumstances. Where else will you see the Family Ties family done cubist style, a dinosaur battle a whale and a giant squid, and the Dukes of hazzard done cave painting style.

The Anguish
Oil on Canvas