Megan & Tony

My sister Megan is getting hitched this weekend. So as a consequence, I’ll be staying at my parents and using their computer with the shitty dial-up. Expect updates to be sparce. I’m keeping myself entertained by bringing a Knoppix and Morphix bootable game CD.

The road to freedom is paved with cheap polyester

While Scientology traces it roots back to the 1950’s, even the most clearest or Clears had to endure 1976. Here is a pamphlet from that time showing that despite whatever OT level you’re at, that shirt is still gaudy to look at.

Can I interest you in a personality test?


Octodog. For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Yum. Take a regular hot dog (or veggie dog) Put it through sort of device which creates “tentacles”. Yum. Fuck it! Words don’t do this justice. Check it out for yourself.

The Price is WTF!?

Steve Guillemette has a dream. His dream is to document The Price is Right every day. Which games were played, the actual price of the item up for bid, the contestants, etc. The thoroughness is astounding and frightening but if you ever want to know everything about a particular episode you know where to go.

The Thinker

Science has finally proven my theory that one’s best ideas are best thought up while on the toilet. Check out Kohle Torgenson’s article “Fecal Deposition and Cognitive Acuity: A Correlation Study”

Rodin knows what the fuck’s up.


The weather forecast calls for rain over the next week or so. Just when I getting used to the weather and was to comfortably wear shorts when not jogging.

Bootlegged catalogues the most incredible in plastic crap you’ve ever seen. Not just any plastic crap, mind you, but rather knockoffs of crap found all over the world. It features horrible paint jobs, non-articulating figures, and universe crossovers the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Don’t move. It’s Robert Cop.

I don’t remember this scene from Batman.


AdFlip is a website catering to those whom wish to be pandered to. Also to those who appreciate classic advertisements from the latter half of last century.

Bar-B-Q Boogie

The Vancouver Linux Users Group is holding a Bar-B-Q. While I am not officially a member yet, I’ll still be going. I don’t know what to expect but if the Mozilla 1.0 release party last year was any indcation there will be a lot of black t-shirts and at least one beanie.