Put This In Your Blog And Smoke It

The story so far: Joel Jackson and his wife Anya are traveling throughout Europe in search of a new life. Life has been pretty tough on the two of them as make their way through war-torn Bosnia and Croatia.

Dear Eric’s Blog
I have not heard from you in a while via email so I thoght I’d write your blog instead. My Name is Joel and I’m lost in the Balcans with my wife Anya. We spend some time in post War torn Sarajevo, Bosnia living off cheap beer and a lamb-pork dish called Êivap ËiËi most likely spelled wrong…. cevap cici..whatever. It’s tough living in a city that has no record stores no nightclubs (at least none worth mentioning) and worst of all shitty internet. Even worse is the fact that we have no reason to leave free rent cheap everything. We could deal with all its’ downsides if there were any jobs at all (foreigners or locals, they’re mostly unemployed.) So with that said we left. To the Land of milk and honey Croatia, Zagreb the capital. We’ve been here for a few days now and have been feverishly looking for an aparment. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a great record store, lots of nightclubs, high speed internet….but No apartments (at least none worth mentioning.) Oh, and Job Prospects look great. Now with our hotel bill climbing faster than Bosnia’s National debt, and the fact that immigration requires you to have an address we’re facing the possibility of going Back to Bosnia to make a new plan. Oh the Irony of it all.
Smell ya later,


You’ve never seen anything like this. Your favourite rock videos from the past converted to movable ASCII and set to the MIDI version of the song. Almost as good as ASCII porn, but not quite.

_, _, _, _ _ __, _, _, _ _
/ \ (_ / ` | | |_) / \ / ` |_/
|~| , ) \ , | | | \ \ / \ , | \
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

New Stuff

On the sidebar there’s a new entry called iTunes. What this does is display the last 5 songs being played on my computer. It involves a rather precarious mixture of Javascript, XML, and an application called Kung-Tunes. Enjoy. Kudos to Mason for helping iron out the bugs.

Verizon Vanity Number Search

I can barely remember my name at the best of times so how am I supposed to remember my phone number. Well, I don’t have to worry about that any longer thanks to the Verizon Vanity Number Search. Here are some of the results it came up for with my number.


Hey baby, reach me at ALI-3-HAM.

Update: This website does the same thing but comes up with better results.

Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair

The Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair is an annual event in which kids compete in a strange mixture of theology and science. Full disclosure: I have never been able to understand the entire notion of creation science having never really grown up in a religious environment. While I can respect both faith and science, they should be kept as separate as me and a bottle of wine. Be sure to check out the winners with such entries as “Women Were Designed For Homemaking” and “Thermodynamics Of Hell Fire”. Somewhere angels are crying.

Uncle Steve despite the resemblance is not a monkey

I Am Wing

While it’s difficult for me to point out the shortcomings of other people, I can’t help but inform you of the song stylings of Wing. Wing earnestly warbles her way through Carpenters songs as well as various Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. Her heart is in the right place, but her voice is from another planet altogether.

Hi, I am Wing! I immigrated to New Zealand with my family about ten years ago from Hong Kong. I have been learning singing in New Zealand and I do performances in Rest Homes and Hospitals and occasionally promotional concerts as I go along.

A for Effort. W for Wing.