Protected: Fontastic

Fontifier can create a font based on your handwriting. It took me about 15 minutes of time to do it. It would have taken sooner but I had to clean up the scan in PhotoShop. I suggest using a Sharpie when writing out your letters.

My gift to you: a font based on my handwriting in either Mac or Windows format. Very good for writing ransom notes and love letters.

Link banner

I made a nice little banner if anybody wants to link to my site. Feel free to create your own and send it to me and I’ll post it here. The pixel dimensions are to be no larger than 250 by 50. It can be smaller. No animated GIFs please. JPGs good. PNG better.
My banner


By Dave Dutton

80’s biker magazine ads

Sharpeworld has put together a small collection of 80’s biker magazine ads ranging from the funny to downright saucy. Beware: these are sleazy biker magazines so there will be topless women (with feathered hair!) in some of them and at least one man with an eagle in another.
Were these products still available I’d be ordering one for my favorite bitch.

I’m lovin’ it!

Super Size Me is a film currently being screened at the Sundance film festival. The documentary details the month long period of time in which the filmmaker ate nothing but McDonald’s for his three daily meals as a statement of North American obesity.

Okay, sometimes I have a craving for McDonald’s fries but usually I can keep these things in check. As could be expected he gained a lot of weight and his cholesterol soared higher than a fucking Concorde. I wonder if he had the McGriddle because I’m lovin’ it!

I like “Internet”

Here’s a quaint but dated piece from about ten years ago from CBC about the embryonic internet. Watch the video. (Realplayer required)

Punctuation marks that look like smiley faces express happiness on a new communication tool known as “Internet.” The computer network is already being used by 15 million people worldwide — to chat or do important research. Communication may be anonymous and isolated, but there’s always someone to talk to about sports, recipes or politics.