Corey Feldman

Don’t lie to yourself. You’re curious. He has his own website. It has has photos of him with bigger celebrities. C’mon, it’s like a car wreck. You have to look.
Why are his lapels green, the jacket brown, and the sleeves blue?

Seizure Time

Flash cartoons can either entertain you or drive you completely insane. This cartoon proves the latter. Click on the link, let it load, and turn up the volume on your computer. Sit back and prepare to get stupid. If you feel that you’re ready for round two, then try the Killer Japanese Seizure Robots on for size.
Kind of like this coupled with the sensation of someone kicking you between the legs at 160 beats per minute.

Goth Peotry

PoetryIt’s your single stop for all your goth poetry needs. I found this site so inspiring that I decided to write my own. Tell me what you think. Feel free to write your own in the comments.

Black, Black Soul

The darkness envelopes.

I welcome it. It shall bring comfort.
The comfort I lack in this…. this life.

I treat her like a queen.
The thrusts at me. Her scepter piercing my heart.

I laugh.

You cannot escape my dark whirlpool of pain and despair. No, really. I’m not shitting you.

Plasma Sabres

Having exhausted the possibility of creating an actual Light Saber (light doesn’t stop. so much for that), various fans of Star Wars have embraced the possibility of creating a Plasma Saber. While the technology is far, far off in its practical implementation, the geeks are chomping at the bit. Come see what the fuss is about.

A Star Wars fan working diligently at creating a female droid.