Belly Mask

As an uncle five times over I can appreciate the miracle of childbirth. However, I’d be even more amazed if these women used the miracle of self-restraint before doing this.


This link was sent to me this morning by a good friend but after reading it a bit I have to admit that I am a bit confused because she described it as “the new craze sweeping the nation” but she could have been talking out her ass just as I’ve been known to do from time to time.

Here’s what I was able to discern after going through the site bleary-eyed at 6:15 in the morning before work. It seems to be some sort of swingers club with a whole bunch of metaphysical bullshit attached to it in order to hide its nefariousness. Here’s a quote from the front page:

Cosmic Love Tribe (LoveTribe) recognizes that we are all connected on a deeper, spiritual level, and is working to create body-positive, touch-positive community that facilitates authentic connections, nurtures our whole selves, provides opportunities to explore our passions and playfulness and facilitates healthy, caring, communal opportunities to meet our needs for connection and affection.

Now as soon as I hear the words “Cosmic” or “Tribe” used in sentence I think to myself, “Uh-oh! Hippies!” and crawl under the covers. Am I being too insensitive? Most likely. However I don’t really care. Your best course of action though is to check out this website and come up with opinion yourself. Maybe I’ll see you at the next meeting.

Welcome to the club

Grocery List Collection

I’ve never written a grocery list in my life as I prefer to shop entirely on impulse and go home only to realize that I’ve such a mismatched series of ingredients that ultimately can not make anything edible. However, while some people write grocery lists some other people collect them.

Crazy Stalker Recordings

The last place I’d think of finding recordings by a woman who won’t leave a man alone after he helped her out when she was stuck on the side of the road would be the North American Subaru Imprezza Owners Club forums but here it is nonetheless. I can thank my lucky stars that all the women I know are beautiful, well-mannered, and have a modicum of mental instability. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Frankly, if I was this gentleman I would have left the country by this point because this woman has troubles that are far reaching and the inability to know when to quit. I’m honoured to have never been on the receiving end of stalking. But on second thought the attention would be flattering.

Update: Apparently the server that these recordings are being hosed on is getting hammered right now due to the popularity of the site. Be patient.
Update to the update: The above website is totally fucked and is not coming back up. Here’s a website about cats instead.
This is not the woman in question


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