Playing Chicken

Here’s a mildly amusing movie about baby chickens and what you shouldn’t do with them. Takes forever to load but only produces a mild giggle. Yes, it’s late and I need content for this site to fill my daily quota of garbage for you. Please, be kind.
Mildly amusing.

Kinky casket

Sex and death do make strange bedfellows but are successfully paired in the Kinky Casket website. The website features a variety of photo essays with several women draped over coffins. The images are soft-core (lots of skin, no visible nipples or genitalia) so use your discretion. From an outsider’s point-of-view I understand little about these kinds of fetishes as they do little to *ahem* arouse any interest in me. However, if my suspicions hold there is a latent audience. I just don’t want to meet them.

Box of mystery

While this website often times serves as a vehicle for shameless self-promotion, my close friends have wondered why I don’t use it as a vehicle to promote any other talents that I have. So fine, I’ll relent. Here are two songs from a total of fourteen that a friend helped me record a few months ago. The first song “The Star” is just my voice and a ukulele. The ukulele is drenched in echo to give it an odd otherworldly effect. In the second song “S” I triple-tracked my vocals and played some really bad xylophone near the end. It helped that the song was in the key of C. Yes, the songs are sappy but at least the words rhyme.

Sounds great!

The Audi-oh sound responsive pleasure system is the latest breakthrough in personal stimulation devices. What separates it from the competition is its ability to convert sound waves from either ambient noise or music into pleasurable vibrations. It can channel sound two ways: through the built-in microphone or from a direct audio-in port. As difficult as it is to believe, somewhere in the world experts in the field of pleasure technology are creating a device that will outdo even this. In the interim, enjoy the Audi-oh.
This is not a walkman. That is not an earbud.

You grow girl

It’s common knowledge that I can’t seem to take care of my own affairs let alone that of a dependent. But if I really, I mean really, really tried I’m sure that I could take care of just one plant. I’m thankful that there are websites out there to help me should I ever delve into horticulture. You grow girl!

The fake detective

This website has been around for a long time is probably the best resource on the internet for debunking fake nude celebrity photographs. He goes to incredible lengths to solve the cases and always manages to track down to the source photographs of both the celebrity’s head and the body shot that it was Photoshopped onto. Ratings are then given based upon the quality of the fake. Not so much a resource of wanking material as it is a resource on how to do both good and bad photo manipulation. Worth a look.