Gurl Games

Okay, I’m tired and sweaty and generally disgusting to be around but somehow I’ve gathered the strength to find more crap to put up on this site. Never being one to have one’s sexuality questioned, here’s a game from the website. Make your own cyber-sweetheart. Who cares? Apparently, I did as I went through the process and came up with this. Was it accurate? Not on your life. Was it entertaining? Not even close. Was it the best I could pull out of my ass tonight? Absolutely. Good night.

Tonya Harding Fantasies

Disgraced former olympic figure skater Tonya Harding has a website in which people can post comment via her online forum. Being a high-profile figure coupled with sometimes nefarious nature of the internet she tends to attract some pretty shady characters whom write in her forums. The Tonya Harding Fantasies forum above all is the most bizarre featuring things that are unquotable even on this website. But since you asked so nicely. All the dirty words have been replaced by me (in Capitals):

We would go eat a nice dinner then go back to hotel. My wife would then PLAY BACKGAMMON WITH tonya, slip her skates on then BUY ICE CREAM. Tonya would be in so much pleasure she would be screaming for MORE ICE CREAM and at the end we all HIGH FIVE together. Then the two girls just start PLAYING FRISBEE. they manage to get in a OPTIMAL FRISBEE-THROWING position. Tonya pulls an ELBOW BRACE out from under the pillow and as she is ENJOYING my wife’s SENSE OF HUMOUR she slowly TOSSES the big FRISBEE INTO my wifes ARMS. my wife starts to CLAP UNCONTROLABLY as tonya CATCHES the huge FRISBEE FROM of my wifes ARMS. Then ‚ with the bed shaking like there is a earthquake my woman CELEBRATES all over tonyas ARMS and EARS then move in and start to clean her with my WETNAP as she CONGRATULATES me. I am working my way down to her PLACE OF BUSINESS as my wife straps on a FANNY PACK and positions herself behind tonya . My FEET PIROUETTE NEAR the skater like a 9.9 then I can feel as the FEET DANCE. Now me and my wife are just SPENDING QUALITY TIME WITH her OFTEN and shes lovin every minute…AWESOME.

Ed’s back

Ed Broadbent is back apparently. I seriously thought he was dead being as his heyday was like 20 years ago. Not only is he back but some incredibly cruel advertising firm actually managed to convince him to star in a music video (ahem) rapping. What the fuck?! Thanks to DG for the link.edsbackmotherfucker
Oh fuck! Ed’s back!

Japanese language lessons

Here’s some nice albeit creepy flash animations from the Meguro Language Center showing how to speak basic Japanese. I recall some time a few months ago when I was trying to speak Japanese through audio lessons and a Japanese English dictionary. These would have been a nice supplement to the lessons.

Torrington Gopher Hole Museum

I was recently made aware of something that is not too far from where I grew up. Torrington is a town about an hour northeast of Calgary. Torrington is as very, very small town with a population of less than 200 people yet it attracts thousands of people each year who come and visit its gopher hole museum. It’s difficult for me to explain it as it sounds so completely insane that you’d sear I was making it up. The gopher hole musuem contains dozens of dioramas portraying the towns history. However, instead of people the history is illustrated by gophers. Sound bizarre. Here’s a photo.

Music makes the people come together

The PBS show Frontline features a really good exposé on the music industry and just how fucked it is right now in terms of being an artist trying to make it. it. Featured bands are the new supergroup Velvet Revolver and some other singer/songwriter lady who deservedly fails. Real Player and a lot of time of your hands is required.