A little known fact is that I love a good political debate. In fact during when the candidates for Canadian Prime Minister were debating, I sat there for two evening enraptured.

I listened online to the Bush and Kerry presidential debate and while I won’t cast judgment (as I believe that a totalitarian regime led by me is the true way to go), it’s still fun to listen to. C-SPAN has a stream of tonight’s debate in either Real or Windows Media format.

And of course a drinking game makes everything a lot more fun.

Your Best Feature?

This is by far the most popular poll I’ve put up here with a jaw-dropping 36 voters. Here are the results:

  • I know that at very minimum at least 8 of my readers have eyes; Beautiful ones I could lose myself in.
  • Another 5 voters have lips that they are very proud of; whether they be thin and wispy, full and luscious, or moist and kissable.
  • The voting was skewed for “Ass” because a certain jerk (hint: look in the comments) decided to vote no less than 3 times. The other voters look great in either tight jeans or skirts though.
  • 9 voters have tits and are proud of them as they should be.
  • 7 voters have a party in their pants. Everyone’s invited.
  • No votes for “Torso”. Perhaps I should have called it the more descriptive “midriff”.
  • 1 voter has an absolutely precious, perfect nose.

In the end “Tits” was the clear winner with 9 votes with “Eyes” coming in a close second at 8 votes. Am I proud of the results? How I could not be? Does it mean I’m still spending my precious evenings loveless and alone? Absolutely. But with these results I can seek solace knowing that when “Tits” win, I win.

Count Your Blessings……

that I manage to pour even a modicum of intelligence into this website. It could be worse. No really.

i hav a question 4 all of u ppl out there. Y DOES EVERY1 HATE ME??? i mean, im not that bad am i? i cnt believ some of the stuff ppl say on my livejornal. nd Y DOES EVERY1 ALWAYZ USE BAD WORDZ??? im sure we could rely live without them. SOME1 CALLED ME A PIG. IM NOT A PIG IM NOT FAT MY MOM SAYS THIS DIET IS WORKING OK?/? every1 dosnt undrstand me. nd my dad didnt f his little sistr!!! HE DOSNT EVN HAV A LITTLE SISTER OKY??? thats rely gross. i dnt know how ppl can even BE THAT WAY. OMG. if i grow up to be the presidnt im going 2 make sure that ppl arnt alowed 2 make stupid coments liek that. stuf liek that hurts rely bad oky? some1 caled me retarted :’|. IM NT RETARTED. nd i DO know about 9/11 i just made a little mistake. 4 every1s notice : IM NT GETING RID OF MY INTERNT CONNECTION. I LIKE IT ND I THINK ITS RELY COOL. sara is the only persn that understnds me. THANK U SARA UR THE BEST GURLFRIEND CALL ME 2NITE I NEED SOME1 2 TALK 2. im going. i hate all of u that posted on my LJ. except mike nd sara.

Suit up!

braniff86.jpgI love a woman in uniform! Unfortunately Air Canada stewardesses have the misfortune of a pretty blasé one. The 70’s Pucci print Braniff uniforms are a vibe though.

I Love You! Egg!

Iloveyouegg.jpgOnce again Carl earns a place in my good books by sending me this frightening link. I LOVE YOU! EGG! I think the egg loves me back because it played a song for me that made me cry. If I’ve any regrets it’s that I didn’t find this site first and that I didn’t write the egg song. But with teenage detectives like Carl prowling the internet and sending me links, I may be able to slack off a bit. If you’ve any links, send them my way. Really. I’ll credit you in the most flattering way I can.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Bigger boobs via song. Yup. That’s the gist of a story I read in the Mainichi Daily News (thanks carl!). Apparently, thorough some sort of scientific mumbo-jumbo it actually works. But I was sceptical until I read this testimonial.

“I listened to the tune for a week expecting all the time that I was being duped,” says Chieri Nakayama, a 19-year-old pin-up model “But, incredibly, my 87-centimeter bust grew to 89 centimeters! It was awesome!”

Yes. Awesome indeed. Word is spreading fast so get the gettins’ while the gettins’ good.
I haven’t heard this song but if my experience with female physiology is correct then it sounds very, very similar to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. UPDATE!!!! according to this site, this is the actual ringtone. Argh!!! Give me Journey instead.

“We haven’t done any advertising for it, so I suppose the tune’s success has come about through word of mouth. We’ve even received mail from one user who said they listened to the tune every night before going to sleep and it made her tits bigger.”

Not to be outdone the Flashcube.org lab monkeys have come up with a song that is guaranteed to make your cock bigger. Loosen your belt notch because here it is. My gift to you.