A little known fact is that I love a good political debate. In fact during when the candidates for Canadian Prime Minister were debating, I sat there for two evening enraptured.

I listened online to the Bush and Kerry presidential debate and while I won’t cast judgment (as I believe that a totalitarian regime led by me is the true way to go), it’s still fun to listen to. C-SPAN has a stream of tonight’s debate in either Real or Windows Media format.

And of course a drinking game makes everything a lot more fun.

Your Best Feature?

This is by far the most popular poll I’ve put up here with a jaw-dropping 36 voters. Here are the results:

  • I know that at very minimum at least 8 of my readers have eyes; Beautiful ones I could lose myself in.
  • Another 5 voters have lips that they are very proud of; whether they be thin and wispy, full and luscious, or moist and kissable.
  • The voting was skewed for “Ass” because a certain jerk (hint: look in the comments) decided to vote no less than 3 times. The other voters look great in either tight jeans or skirts though.
  • 9 voters have tits and are proud of them as they should be.
  • 7 voters have a party in their pants. Everyone’s invited.
  • No votes for “Torso”. Perhaps I should have called it the more descriptive “midriff”.
  • 1 voter has an absolutely precious, perfect nose.

In the end “Tits” was the clear winner with 9 votes with “Eyes” coming in a close second at 8 votes. Am I proud of the results? How I could not be? Does it mean I’m still spending my precious evenings loveless and alone? Absolutely. But with these results I can seek solace knowing that when “Tits” win, I win.

Count Your Blessings……

that I manage to pour even a modicum of intelligence into this website. It could be worse. No really.

i hav a question 4 all of u ppl out there. Y DOES EVERY1 HATE ME??? i mean, im not that bad am i? i cnt believ some of the stuff ppl say on my livejornal. nd Y DOES EVERY1 ALWAYZ USE BAD WORDZ??? im sure we could rely live without them. SOME1 CALLED ME A PIG. IM NOT A PIG IM NOT FAT MY MOM SAYS THIS DIET IS WORKING OK?/? every1 dosnt undrstand me. nd my dad didnt f his little sistr!!! HE DOSNT EVN HAV A LITTLE SISTER OKY??? thats rely gross. i dnt know how ppl can even BE THAT WAY. OMG. if i grow up to be the presidnt im going 2 make sure that ppl arnt alowed 2 make stupid coments liek that. stuf liek that hurts rely bad oky? some1 caled me retarted :’|. IM NT RETARTED. nd i DO know about 9/11 i just made a little mistake. 4 every1s notice : IM NT GETING RID OF MY INTERNT CONNECTION. I LIKE IT ND I THINK ITS RELY COOL. sara is the only persn that understnds me. THANK U SARA UR THE BEST GURLFRIEND CALL ME 2NITE I NEED SOME1 2 TALK 2. im going. i hate all of u that posted on my LJ. except mike nd sara.

Suit up!

braniff86.jpgI love a woman in uniform! Unfortunately Air Canada stewardesses have the misfortune of a pretty blasé one. The 70’s Pucci print Braniff uniforms are a vibe though.

I Love You! Egg!

Iloveyouegg.jpgOnce again Carl earns a place in my good books by sending me this frightening link. I LOVE YOU! EGG! I think the egg loves me back because it played a song for me that made me cry. If I’ve any regrets it’s that I didn’t find this site first and that I didn’t write the egg song. But with teenage detectives like Carl prowling the internet and sending me links, I may be able to slack off a bit. If you’ve any links, send them my way. Really. I’ll credit you in the most flattering way I can.