Art School Sluts

ArtschoolAs someone who survived four years of art school I find it refreshing to hear a voice that accurately portrays the life of an art student. No, I’m not talking about about Daniel Clowes comic/soon-to-be movie Art School Confidential but rather Eon Mckai’s Art School Sluts. Will I denigrate my colleges and say that this film bears more to the actual goings on as opposed to Clowes portrayal? Probably. But then again I have no tact and have burnt most my bridges so calling art students sex-crazy sluts is like calling the sky blue.

The films features amateur actors in every conceievable deviation of sex and a totally bangin’ electro soundtrack. It’s available to order on DVD right now. Post-Modern irony or not one thing is clear; Art School Sluts are easy!

2 thoughts on “Art School Sluts

  1. Lili Anne is wearing my shoes.

  2. That’s awesome! Those are great shoes. I love it when my friends keep up appearances.

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