UrinalfountainIt’s so much easier when people send you links rather than sleuthing around the depths of the internet. This link comes courtesy of Carl; a man so mysterious he doesn’t even have a website of his own I can link to. But seeing as I link to everything, let it be that because he didn’t provide me with a link to his namesake, I am forced to associate him with this.

With that, here is the site he sent me today to a website focusing on urinals. Now I don’t normally take notice of urinals because of the unwritten rule that when going about one’s business you either stare directly ahead at the tiles and use the force to guide you or downwards with a very narrow, unwavering focus. Never ever to your right or left. It’s impolite to stare at another man’s unit.

The site is wonderful. Most interesting are the lists of top urinals in the world and the accompanying photos. My favourite is The Felix. It would be a privilege and a pleasure to relieve myself in that.