Eye Of The Tiger

Eye of the tigerWhat will the colour of your child’s eyes be? This website breaks it down for you using nothing but the soundest of scientific principals. I think I may have learned something about this in high school but I spent too much time drawing guns and dragons to recall.

Star Wars. Nothing But Star Wars.

Use The Force
Having been one of the millions who saw Episode III this weekend I thought it appropriate that I put up a Star Wars related post. Here’s an interesting site detailing the differences between the original, special edition, and DVD reissue versions of the original trilogy. Here are direct links to Star Wars, Empire, and ROTJ. Not surprisingly the fans of Star Wars are a rather large scope of people encompassing even those who wish to create a sex toy using both a dildo and a lightsabre.


MeowEvery cat owner I know will claim that their cat is the cutest thing they’ve ever seen. However in light of this, how can there be any one cutest kitten of all. Kittenwar hopes to answer that question by putting pictures of two cats beside each other and you clicking on the cuter of the two. They’re also looking for submissions so if you feel your cat’s up the task them post it. May the cutest cat win.