B-List Wins Again

Fuck you, I'm Regis!!!
Which annoying B-List celebrity am I? According to this quiz I’m Regis. I suppose it could be worse. At I’m not Gilbert Gottfried or Whoopi Goldberg or Coolio or whoever the fuck is on Hollywood Squares these days.

The Road To Mediocracy

Me at work
Now that Tom Cruise has fired his former publicist and replaced them with his sister who like Cruise is a devote Scientologist he’s seem to have gone completely batty and has been proselytizing ever since.

For those unaware of the tenets of Scientology, a good place to start would be at the Ron The Music Maker website featuring the vocal talents of John Travolta, Frank Stallone, and Leif Garrett. To call it mind-blowing would be a start though soul destroying would be a more accurate description. Especially the final track “L’ENVOI, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING” featuring a pre-death L. Ron Hubbard. Yikes!

Malls of America

MallA wonderful blog I came across recently was the Malls of America. If you’re into 60’s and 70’s mall decor it will be a treat.

Sexual Kung-Fu

KungcovsmallTantric sex pretty much went out of style once Sting boasted about his seven hour sexual romps with his wife. First of all, Sting’s recent musical output has been lacking to say the least. Sencondly, who wants to think of Sting having sex. However sexual kung-fu is N-O-W!! Go get your black belt in being totally fucking awesome in the sack. Here’s an excerpt:

Riding The Wave
Because a woman’s sex organs are inside her body, it is far easier for her to transmute the sexual energy to higher centers in her body. Taoist medical texts from the 8th century suggest that men should stimulate women to have as many orgasms as possible in order to produce as much ‘yin’ energy as possible. Perhaps the very reason that we men continue to be so fascinated by a female’s orgasm is because of what it teaches us about our own. The female orgasm is an inward implosion, the very structure of her body is vibrating and exploding inwardly. By harmonizing your body with your lovers, you become aware of a new polar opposite. It is this very mystery of being that women can bestow on men.

Don’t Shit Where You Climb, Dumbass!

CNN is running a story about the problem of human feces on the top of mountains. The problem is thus: On more popular climbing mountains like Mount McKinley the feces has a difficult time of decomposing due to the extreme climate and the fact that it’s difficult to bury in hard-packed snow. The mess isn’t the only problem though. Often time the feces is virus-laden and consequently will infect those within close proximity. This of course leads to diarrhea and the cycle continue. My solution to all this is of course to stop climbing up fucking mountains and to take up a more productive hobby like macramé. Then again, perhaps this is Darwinism in action.

Casino Carpets

The Imperial PalaceHaving been to Vegas last year I never really took notice of say such things as well… carpets. However this site has documented all the different carpets on the Las Vegas strip. When you’re bombarded by such things as dancing girls and crappy celebrity impersonators such things are inconsequential.

Google Store

Go0126EWhen you’re a company as ridiculously rich as Google, you can afford to spend money promoting yourself through clothes and accessories; be it such normal things as t-shirts to even stranger items such as arm warmers (arm warmers?!) or workout towels. Odd.

Emo Farm

Here’s a funny short film called “Emo Farm“. As the title implies, the film is about the capture and keeping of the Emo which, according to the film, are synonymous with whiny lyrics, dark-rimmed glasses, Dashboard Confessional listening and Livejournal entries. News to me.

Generalities aside, the movie does provoke a giggle or two and is worth watching if you 17 minutes of spare time on your hand and a high-speed internet connection.