More Bounce To The Ounce

Sex in the Tron universeIf you need some sort of Jolly Jumper for adults because you’re too lazy to take a deep breath and put your cock into it then I give up. Sex should be the incentive to run that four-minute mile or the need to hit it out of the park. Yes, the more vigorous, marathon-like variety can be a bit tiresome but the ends always justify the means. You don’t see me bitching. Then again, I run and don’t smoke which I’m sure is appreciated whenever I get my bounce on.


In this online game slyly created by The Gap you get to create a character, dress them up and watch them change outfits while dancing. Titillating? Yes, up until the point the character starts busting out into the moon walk and the running man. Two dance moves which, if you know me well enough, have been known to do. But not in Gap clothes. Is Totally Fucking Gay!

G to the Izzay!!I took the Channel 4 Gay-O-Meter and came out with a healthy 56. From a guy who routinely trims his eyebrows and is gradually going blonder and blonder this was to be expected. Good thing I didn’t get any higher or my lady would have been worried or impressed. I’m not sure which. I won’t divulge the answers to specific questions but I’m sure that once you take the quiz you’ll catch on, you fucking homo!

Pink Panty Poker

PinkpantypokerVictoria’s Secret has made a little game in which to promote themselves. Pink Panty Poker is a cute little online game of mostly-strip poker. I say mostly because it really doesn’t get past the underwear. Which is fine because they have a product to promote and I have enough free to time to let them do it. It’s fun. Just like women’s underwear.


HellogoodbyeSometimes the urge gets the best of us but sometimes better judgment should precedence. Note to self: behind closed doors lest some cockass with a camera and flash captures and scares me at my most intimate moment.


When people ask me who my favourite Beatle was I never hesitate to say it’s Ringo. I mean what’s not to like. Sure he wasn’t exactly the creative force like the other members but he did his job well and didn’t bitch too much as John Lennon. I sure do hope that he outlives that pompous jerk Paul McCartney though. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. Here’s some reasons why to respect him.


Pow!! Whizzzz!!!!!In the 1960’s the only way that you could watch music videos on demand would be a machine called a Scopitone. It’s kind of like a video jukebox and the French thought they were the shit. This site has a few videos for you to watch. Needless to say there aren’t any American acts with videos. Petula Clark doesn’t count as she was bigger in France anyways. Be sure to watch the video for Comic Strip with Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot. It’s a thing of beauty.

Shooting Gallery

A toast!List of things I like to drink alcohol out of:
A pint glass, a bottle, a shot glass, a highball glass. Notice that nowhere in the preceding list did I include from the nipple of a rubber breast. It’s not that I haven’t done anything regrettable it’s just that it’s well…icky.

But what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. An aside: what the fuck’s a gander? Sounds like some sort of VD or something. Shit!! Jojo’s been so depressed ever since whe found out she got the gander. Damn!!!

But if drinking alcohol out of a rubber tit’s your thing then look no further because Hooter Shooters have got your ass sorted.

If that doesn’t blow your mind check out the instructions for use.

SERVING: Once “primed”, Hooter Shooter unit serves exactly one ounce for each pump. Simply pull pump top in an upward motion, place desired nipple near customers mouth and slowly depress pump to dispense into customers mouth.


Some things I just don’t get. This happens to be one of them. If it’s a game I don’t know the purpose as there’s no score or timer. Perhaps it’s a mindless diversion. Maybe though it’s Mason’s way of telling me that he hate’s me as he was the one who sent me the link. Enjoy, I guess.