Open Source, Open Legs

OpensourceIt’s not very often that I talk about the nerdier aspects of my personality. But this week has had some pretty interesting developments.

Most importantly was the release of the Flock Social Web-Browser (Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows). It’s an interesting project in which the developers have built upon the already fantastic Open Source Firefox web-browser and added such things as, Flickr, and Blogging integration. The interesting part is that WordPress (the thing that makes go) is offering free accounts to all those who try out Flock. All of this wrapped up in a pretty slick package. Plus, one of my favourite Firefox extensions works with it out of the box.

It’s still a alpha release so not all features are there but it will be interesting to follow its development over the next few months. It still lacks things like Firefox bookmark import but it is on the to-do list.

One last thing, here’s an interesting article found in the principles of Open Source Software are applied to sexuality. Interesting read. And for those who’ve read so far. Thank you.


PumpkincarvingMy Halloween costume is official sorted. The last pieces having been picked up last evening. So in the spirit why don’t you carve a pumpkin or something? I tried to and only came up with the monstrosity to the right. Okay, it’s not that bad but really how much fun can carving a face into a large vegetable really be? Probably not nearly as much fun as this.

Rubber Baby Mother Fuckers

ThinginrubberQuick!!! The link!! It’s Thing In Rubbers. Like me, both gross and fascinating.

Speaking of me, my Richie Tenenbaum costume this weekend better be a hit or else…. or else some asshole will get it across the grill with my tennis racket.

It should be good, I mean I’m growing the beard for the fucking thing. Something I’ve never done before and possibly ever again. I like my clean-shaven face better as does the lady. She even offered to help me shave the fucking thing off on Sunday morning but I had to decline because shaving hurts especially when it means dragging a three-month-old dull blade acrross your face. The pain means it’s working.

Okay fuckers, I put a nice link on the left-hand column urging you to make your presence known on a world map and only three shitheads (myself included) have decided to do it. I’m not asking for a bouquet, a hot meal, or a high-five. Just a few moments of your precious time. Dammit!!! Don’t make throw a fucking tantrum. And remember, we appreciate all readers of and were I not in a meaningful, fulfilling, wonderful relationship I may considerer having a membership drive so to speak. But seeing as I’m already snatched up, you’re fucked. With that, I love you all. Mwmmahh!!!

Feelin’ Groovy

MoooooogFirst things first. I fucking hate Flash. I find it annoying and intrusive and indicative to shitty web design. Okay, now that’s out of the way. Visit this nice gallery of women twiddling knobs while you twiddle yours. Sure the gallery is in Flash but it gets the point across. Whine, whine, whine.


FrapprthingThe road to stardom can be a lonely one. It’s nice to know that you’ve some friends along the way. Stop!!!!! Let me rephrase that and add a dash of truth to the last statement. I want to know who likes me and Show me where they’re coming from. Sure, I could put on my geek hat and look at my logs but I don’t want to. Besides, I already watched code compile on my computer via an ssh session earlier today because the afternoon was a bit slow at work.

You don’t have to like me or even know me when you put yourself on the map. Most people think I’m a cockass and you’re in a position to help confirm or deny that. If not for fun then for the sake of killing a minute or two. Go!!!!

Kung-Fu Cockfighter

KunfucockfighterNo, it’s not my new nickname though I wish it was. It is something so far beyond comprehension that not even some witty repartee will do it justice. WATCH!!! But be warned: trying some of this on your lover will not only hurt them but will fuck you up three times. That is unless you have the ability to flex your cock and have it tear through your pants. What?! You Can’t!? Don’t worry, I’ve tried and it’s a lot harder than it looks.

My Love For You Is Insane

PochetteIf there’s a few things that I really hate in life, one of which is to be really, really sick. That’s pretty much where I’ve been the last few days. The funny thing is that I totally saw it coming but decidedly ignored it because I wasn’t going to let a little thing like being sick ruin my weekend. The audacity of it! This was my weekend and I had a clear idea that the last thing that I wanted to do was to spend it being sick and sorry for myself. Leave that for a workday.

And it worked to a certain extent until the drinks I had gave my immune system a kick square to the nuts. Sure on Sunday I felt a little worse for wear but that’s nothing unusual as Sundays are supposed to be for feeling ill and eating too much comfort food and watching bad movies. Monday was a blur as the sick came back with a vengeance and resulted in me having a temperature of over 100 degrees. I was even thinking of writing a post titled after “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner. I’ll blame that though on the illness. Thankfully that bullshit’s under control and all I have to remember it is of the uncomfortable and disgusting coating of phlegm that has been in my throat for the last two days. Word.

The weekend is only a day away and I swear to fuck that if this cold ruins it heads are going to roll. I live for the weekend. I die for the weekend. I motherfucking dress for the weekend. It’s the time where I truly shine and ultimately where I make the most impressions be they good or bad. Weekend: my love for you is insane.

Baby Cage

BabycageI’ve never sired any children and am in no hurry to. Life’s too good. There’s too much fun to be had. It’s not that I dislike children, I just like other people’s children. The kind that come over to visit, you can instill with questionable ideals and let their parent deal with it. Besides I have some unorthodox views on discipline.