Kung-Fu Cockfighter

KunfucockfighterNo, it’s not my new nickname though I wish it was. It is something so far beyond comprehension that not even some witty repartee will do it justice. WATCH!!! But be warned: trying some of this on your lover will not only hurt them but will fuck you up three times. That is unless you have the ability to flex your cock and have it tear through your pants. What?! You Can’t!? Don’t worry, I’ve tried and it’s a lot harder than it looks.

2 thoughts on “Kung-Fu Cockfighter

  1. Eric.
    That is…. something else.
    I especially like the lightening bolt/penetration scene.
    I wish my vagina could fire out laser beams! My sound effects are decidedly less jazzy.

  2. With a vagina that fires out laser beams, you could even end up in an episode of sin cities.

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