My Love For You Is Insane

PochetteIf there’s a few things that I really hate in life, one of which is to be really, really sick. That’s pretty much where I’ve been the last few days. The funny thing is that I totally saw it coming but decidedly ignored it because I wasn’t going to let a little thing like being sick ruin my weekend. The audacity of it! This was my weekend and I had a clear idea that the last thing that I wanted to do was to spend it being sick and sorry for myself. Leave that for a workday.

And it worked to a certain extent until the drinks I had gave my immune system a kick square to the nuts. Sure on Sunday I felt a little worse for wear but that’s nothing unusual as Sundays are supposed to be for feeling ill and eating too much comfort food and watching bad movies. Monday was a blur as the sick came back with a vengeance and resulted in me having a temperature of over 100 degrees. I was even thinking of writing a post titled after “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner. I’ll blame that though on the illness. Thankfully that bullshit’s under control and all I have to remember it is of the uncomfortable and disgusting coating of phlegm that has been in my throat for the last two days. Word.

The weekend is only a day away and I swear to fuck that if this cold ruins it heads are going to roll. I live for the weekend. I die for the weekend. I motherfucking dress for the weekend. It’s the time where I truly shine and ultimately where I make the most impressions be they good or bad. Weekend: my love for you is insane.