FrapprthingThe road to stardom can be a lonely one. It’s nice to know that you’ve some friends along the way. Stop!!!!! Let me rephrase that and add a dash of truth to the last statement. I want to know who likes me and Show me where they’re coming from. Sure, I could put on my geek hat and look at my logs but I don’t want to. Besides, I already watched code compile on my computer via an ssh session earlier today because the afternoon was a bit slow at work.

You don’t have to like me or even know me when you put yourself on the map. Most people think I’m a cockass and you’re in a position to help confirm or deny that. If not for fun then for the sake of killing a minute or two. Go!!!!

3 thoughts on “Frappr

  1. Eric

    If you have skill enough to recompile code via an ssh session surely you can manage posting an html link…. right?

    Now i have to go through the HTML, because I’m curious.

  2. Speaking of HTML, it’s fixed. Secondly, this website looks fine in all browsers even IE at 800 x 600 with its fucked-up CSS rendering. I just tested it on my work server. Thirdly, I need my roots fixed and a new winter jacket. Fourthly, I should stop bitching. Fifthly, if you’re going to link to my site use this banner Sixthly, I like Gin.

  3. Yes, I seem to have caught you mid-fix.

    I use a tree-style link on my blog to yours, which does not support images, but I will change the fact that it does now work after your fixing of CSS and such.

    If you like gin so much, have a martini. Or better, let’s go to ming… 😉 (If it’s still around, haven’t been there in years)

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