Open Source, Open Legs

OpensourceIt’s not very often that I talk about the nerdier aspects of my personality. But this week has had some pretty interesting developments.

Most importantly was the release of the Flock Social Web-Browser (Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows). It’s an interesting project in which the developers have built upon the already fantastic Open Source Firefox web-browser and added such things as, Flickr, and Blogging integration. The interesting part is that WordPress (the thing that makes go) is offering free accounts to all those who try out Flock. All of this wrapped up in a pretty slick package. Plus, one of my favourite Firefox extensions works with it out of the box.

It’s still a alpha release so not all features are there but it will be interesting to follow its development over the next few months. It still lacks things like Firefox bookmark import but it is on the to-do list.

One last thing, here’s an interesting article found in the principles of Open Source Software are applied to sexuality. Interesting read. And for those who’ve read so far. Thank you.