I’m Coming…….2006

Regardless of your thoughts on Kevin Federline, his website is worth checking out if not only for the intro then the promise of his new album coming in 2006. He also has a MySpace profile of which I’ve asked to be added as a friend. No reply yet but I’m sure that someone as wicked awesome as myself should have no problem being added to his circle.

Thoughts on WordPress 2.0 RC3

WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate 3 is available for download with the final version is due on the 26th. I plan to upgrade because of a few remaining issues. Be wary though because once you upgrade to WordPress 2.0 there’s no turning back as it does something or other to the database. I’m no genius but all I know know is that it wouldn’t let me do it.

The first thing I noticed after upgrading was that Flashcube.org appeared as a blank page as subsequently crapped my pants. Good thing I got gonch for Xmas. This was remedied by changing from the default theme to theme I currently use. Problem solved.

A few more issues at this time remain unresolved. One of which is that they’ve totally fucked with the uploading of files. I am no longer able to define the path as it now defaults to /wp-content/uploads/YEAR/MONTH/ whereas before I was able to deifne the heirachy and path. I’m still looking for a workaround as of now I can’t upload images from Ecto. I’ve posted to the appropriate forums and maybe someone will come up with something I overlooked.

One issue I’ve also noticed is that comments are not being logged on the front page. Don’t worry, you can still comment but it won’t update the number of comments for each posting. Quite annoying. Again, hopefully this is resolved with the final release.

UPDATE: One of the issues has a workaround

UPDATE 2: Second issue resolved.


Martin Sargent, the former host of TechTV’s Unscrewed has found new life as a podcaster on his mostly-weekly but mostly-infrequent show Infected. The good news is that he’s just as funny and the show comes off as an audio version of Unscrewed but without his former co-host Laura Swisher.

Panda Fix

PandafixA weblog exclusively about Pandas and Panda-related stories. What more could you ask for on Christmas Eve? Other than of course to get an actual Panda for Christmas.


Chapeau00 GrandMcLean’s magazine is currently running a story on a new oral contraceptive that will help prevent pregnancy by effectively ending menstruation altogether and consequently all the bullshit associated with it. Whether or not it does a number on the internals of ladies is discussed in depth in the article. Interestingly, the name of this pill is Anya – which, like the other one I know, is also a contraceptive.


HarassmentSexual Harassment is illegal. We all know that but sometimes what does or does not construe it may be a bit muddled by legal jargon. Thank goodness there is a film that shows us what it is. My favorite quote from the video; “Word around the office is that you have a fat cock.” Can’t tell you how many time I’ve heard that.

Supersize Me

I’m a pretty easy-going guy and I’d like to think not too judgmental on intimate matters. I understand that different people get excited by different things and am perfectly willing to accept whatever fetishes they have (bondage, superhero costumes, whatever). I’m confused though, who get off on the whole swallowing and digesting thing. Shit, I think my cock just went back into my body when I first saw it. You be the judge.

On a somewhat related if not equally creepy note, here’s a fetish which I suppose has its roots in cross-dressing but involves wearing a creepy rubber female mask. Fuck, I don’t know. Click on the pictures link for good times.