Vectorpark-2I’m sure if this is a game of not as there are no points to gained and no finishing moves to perform. I do know that if makes my head hurt and that I gave up on it prematurely. Best of luck doing what ever you need to do in the damn thing.

Homeward Bound

Being homeless isn’t a joke. Unless you’re a celebrity and then it’s fucking funny. There are a few surprises; Sally Jessy Raphael for one. All it says for her entry is “car” and not whether it was before or after her stint as a talk show host. Actually, maybe it was before as I do see from time to time on “The Surreal Life”. Don’t ask me why I watch that show. That’s another post altogether though I will say that Bronson Pinchot is even more of a perv than I am.

If you’re going to be perverted, you may as well brush up on your lingo. I would like to say that “The David Copperfield” involves pulling a rabbit out of a hat but within the context of this site means something entirely, something entirely dirty. The next time someone asks me what a “Beef Bayonet” is I’ll have the asnwer.

But wait, there’s more…Last year when I was looking for work (still am, by the way), I made a half-hearted look at getting a job in the adult film industry. I was looking for something behind the scenes as a graphic artist. If you’re looking for something in front of the camera then this website Question and Answer section has pretty much most of the answers for you. From the website:

15) Is being a Porn Star like being a mainstream Hollywood actor?
NO! But that’s not hard to figure out. There’s more money and respect given to mainstream actors. Even a porn “superstar” remains largely unknown to the masses, but as a porn star you get recognized by people here and there who think what you do is really cool and want to meet you, or to ask you about porn, or how to become a porn actor/actress themselves. And there are times when porn stars get special treatment because of who they are… especially the girls

Finally, for no other reason than the fact it made me giggle, this.

In the future all websites are

Lenina: “You do not realize that Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars.”

Savage: “So?”

Lenina: “So now all restaurants are Taco Bells.”

That line is reason alone to watch “Demolition Man“. The other reason being that Sundays are generally a bad day for any type of movement. Even if that movement consists of pressing a button to change the channel. The whole time I was watching the movie I was craving Taco Bell thanks to the shameless product placement.

It also got me to start thinking about advertising in films and television (when I wasn’t thinking about how cute Sandra Bullock was in her outfit) but then my brain seized suddenly. Before I scoop it off the floor I’ll just provide you with a series of links and let you do the thinking on my behalf until I can sort that shit out.

Here’s a weblog by a guy who negotiates product placement between his clients and film producers. It’s an interesting read from an inside perspective.

How Stuff Works has an interesting take on it here.

Finally, Maddox tells us what he thinks of the Product Placement in “I, Robot”. I, Flashcube, can’t believe I actually paid to see that piece of shit.

Globe Quiz

Usually any forwarded email from my family members gets either deleted or labeled as “Forwarded Crap”. This one from my mom was pretty good though. It’s a quiz on how well you know Canada. I got 7 out of 20 so I guess I’m pretty dumb. I would also like to thank Mom for saving me the moist towelettes as she knows I use them to clean my computer screen.

Kiss Off

KissBox is an interactive video installation created by Completely Naked and supported by People Show as part of ’21st Century Misfits’.
The lit KissBox hangs alone in the darkness.
The audience form two queues.
Unaware of eachother, they wait.
In turn, the head of each queue is blindfolded.
Guided to the KissBox, they enter one either side.
In the intimacy of the KissBox, they experience a kiss with a stranger.
Regardless of age, gender, race and sexuality.
The kisses are displaced from inside the KissBox via video to a screen.
The audience watches the audience kissing live.

This seems like a fantastic idea. I love art when it involves kissing. I also like art when it involves pizza which would explain why I was a fan of the performance piece yesterday at the Truck Gallery. Darth Vader + Pizza = Awesome

Folkin’ Up

Okay, I think I may have reached my YouTube quota for the week. Here’s a video of The Folksmen for a Saturday Night Live episode circa the early-80’s. Now the interesting thing about this is that I was under the impression that The Folksmen were created for A Mighty Wind and not before.


Supercar are my favourite band and unfortunately broke up last year. Thankfully Youtube is now hosting a bunch of their videos. Here is the video for Wonder Word off their final album Answer. See what you missed out on.