Kiss Off

KissBox is an interactive video installation created by Completely Naked and supported by People Show as part of ’21st Century Misfits’.
The lit KissBox hangs alone in the darkness.
The audience form two queues.
Unaware of eachother, they wait.
In turn, the head of each queue is blindfolded.
Guided to the KissBox, they enter one either side.
In the intimacy of the KissBox, they experience a kiss with a stranger.
Regardless of age, gender, race and sexuality.
The kisses are displaced from inside the KissBox via video to a screen.
The audience watches the audience kissing live.

This seems like a fantastic idea. I love art when it involves kissing. I also like art when it involves pizza which would explain why I was a fan of the performance piece yesterday at the Truck Gallery. Darth Vader + Pizza = Awesome

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