In the future all websites are

Lenina: “You do not realize that Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars.”

Savage: “So?”

Lenina: “So now all restaurants are Taco Bells.”

That line is reason alone to watch “Demolition Man“. The other reason being that Sundays are generally a bad day for any type of movement. Even if that movement consists of pressing a button to change the channel. The whole time I was watching the movie I was craving Taco Bell thanks to the shameless product placement.

It also got me to start thinking about advertising in films and television (when I wasn’t thinking about how cute Sandra Bullock was in her outfit) but then my brain seized suddenly. Before I scoop it off the floor I’ll just provide you with a series of links and let you do the thinking on my behalf until I can sort that shit out.

Here’s a weblog by a guy who negotiates product placement between his clients and film producers. It’s an interesting read from an inside perspective.

How Stuff Works has an interesting take on it here.

Finally, Maddox tells us what he thinks of the Product Placement in “I, Robot”. I, Flashcube, can’t believe I actually paid to see that piece of shit.

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