Be A Man!

I took the “Are You A Real Man?” test and came out with as a “Total Jerk” at 33%. I think the question that pushed me over the top was “Do you like to kill your own food with your bare fists?” to which I responded, “Fuck, Yeah!”

Can You Dig It?

SprayonshirtWhen I first heard about the spray-on shirts designed by Fabrican I was mildly interested. I’ve seen it before in an episode of Futurama. But it wasn’t until I the saw the image to the left (originally taken by Forbes magazine) that I began to tingle and then think about the distinctly “adult” uses for such a product. I’ll let you fill in the blanks while I take a cold shower.

Net Before The Net

CoolomatGoogle Video is currently hosting a fascinating documentary from 1972 about the Arpanet. The Arpanet was the precursor to the internet invented by universities as a way of sharing information with each other and a way to be able to use the resources of each other’s computers. It was pretty exciting times. The first email had been sent and received just a year ealier. It would take another 7 years before the first Spam email would arrive.

The documentary is a half hour long so if it’s of interest then get comfortable. If it’s not, then watch this instead.

The Cult Of Flashcube

CultofflashcubeThere has been a time or two where I thought it would be a good idea to start a cult. However, I always seem to get stuck at the particulars. I mean, no one just joins a cult. You’ve gotta give them a good reason. I was going to say eternal life but it seems like a everyone giving that away for free these days. Maybe a clock radio or something. let’s see those Kabalists one up that. Better yet, I’ll give every member of my cult (tentatively titled Awesomeology) a gravitizer. Now what you do with the gravitizer is completely up to you. Speaking for myself, I think it would make a good seat to bring to sporting events or watch a parade go by. Most people I’m sure will just use it to fuck (while watching a parade, of course).

Trinadad & Tobago

Trinidad-TobagoThe Trinadad & Tobago Computer Society is offering a free downloadable CD full of Open Source software for Windows. Everything on the CD is Free (as in beer) and Free (as in Freedom). While I’m not on a PC I have used a lot of the software in either Linux or on my Mac. Personal favourites include Openoffice, Firefox, and Tuxracer. Check it out.