The Cult Of Flashcube

CultofflashcubeThere has been a time or two where I thought it would be a good idea to start a cult. However, I always seem to get stuck at the particulars. I mean, no one just joins a cult. You’ve gotta give them a good reason. I was going to say eternal life but it seems like a everyone giving that away for free these days. Maybe a clock radio or something. let’s see those Kabalists one up that. Better yet, I’ll give every member of my cult (tentatively titled Awesomeology) a gravitizer. Now what you do with the gravitizer is completely up to you. Speaking for myself, I think it would make a good seat to bring to sporting events or watch a parade go by. Most people I’m sure will just use it to fuck (while watching a parade, of course).

Trinadad & Tobago

Trinidad-TobagoThe Trinadad & Tobago Computer Society is offering a free downloadable CD full of Open Source software for Windows. Everything on the CD is Free (as in beer) and Free (as in Freedom). While I’m not on a PC I have used a lot of the software in either Linux or on my Mac. Personal favourites include Openoffice, Firefox, and Tuxracer. Check it out.

Liquid Sky

LiquidskyFor some reason or another Visa doubled my credit card limit this week. I didn’t even ask for it but not being one to object I went looking around on ebay for shit to buy. One of the things I bought was Liquid Sky on DVD for about 15 dollars US which is a steal considering Amazon was selling it for over 200 bucks a few years ago. I assume it was reissued or something. Regardless, it’s a fantastic movie. Can I tell you what it’s about? Not really. I don’t think the film makers know what was it’s all about. This site seems to have a better grasp on the plot. I do know that it looks fantastic and the fashions are completely off the wall. You should get it on my recommendation alone. Really. If you don’t want to buy it then you’re welcome to watch it with me when the thing arrives in a week or so.

My So-called Second Life

As if wasting one life wasn’t enough, now I have to ability to waste another an a massive multiplayer online game called Second Life. I downloaded the client (Mac and Windows), signed up for my free registration and then went at it.

Visually it kind of resembles The Sims but unlike it I don’t have to worry about bullshit like baths, sleeping or eating. Plus I have the ability to fly where ever I need to.

A couple of things that I have learned though. I can actually get a job as a dancer and that there are an improportionate amount of goth clubs. The other being that my character is a far better (and gayer) dancer than I am in my first life.

I really don’t socializing in Second Life but it is fun to explore because it is so fucking huge. One thing I enjoy is clicking the “Stop Flying” button as I’m hundreds of feet in the air. It makes for a much more enjoyable landing.