Beater SmallTaste has officially gone out the fucking window. Pimpfants makes Baby Gap great in comparison. The worst part: some fucker is actually buying this shit for their kids.

I’m no parent (thank fuck) but I question any clothing line that derives it’s name from the career of managing a stable of prostitutes. But then again it’s just the way the English language goes when new meanings are tacked onto existing words. Remember when “bad” meant, well “bad” and “nasty” meant “Janet Jackson”. Maybe I’m just getting cantankerous in my old age.

Flashcube’s Lair

DragonslairIt’s only fitting that someone posted the entire game of Dragon’s Lair online after I spent quarter after quarter in the eighties trying to beat the fucking thing. Bear in mind that this really is only of interest to a particular demographic of early-thirties men who grew up playing games like Rampage and Gauntlet and are currently sitting at home in their indoor clothes (gonch and t-shirt) writing blog posts like this one. Not to be nostalgic but those were the days.