Home Movies

Momus had described this site as the “YouTube of Super 8 home movies”. That’s a fair assessment I suppose. Although there is something slightly eerie about watching some movies from decades ago without any sound.

Also, Basketball this Saturday. Contact me for more details.

Requiem For A Lightweight

A week ago today, Dose magazine ceased publication. It’s still lives on in its online form but the nice little daily will no longer be around. The official reason according to parent company CanWest is lack of advertisers. Okay, fine I understand that it all boils down to $$$$ but in Calgary other than the two daily newspapers that leaves us Fast Forward and the monthly Beat Route. Both are good in their own right but when I was commuting to work at 6 in the morning during the past winter I didn’t want anything that used too much of my grey matter and Dose filled that niche quite nicely.


SextrisSextris. It’s kind of like Tetris but instead of Russian dancers you have smut. Now if they had dancing smut perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten bored after level 3.

The Flashcube.org Podcast Is Still Shitty

JoelrdiI still still up to what I’m good at: sucking. Luckily, I bug Joel and he tells me the story of how he found a bike in the garbage and rode it hungover to work. Mission Bugs update and more bullshit. The sound quality is now marginally better than shit. Suffice to say, a small improvement. Songs are played, cut off and spoken over. Good times. iTunes nows works. Clickity-click

Buffy Guide

Buffy Face4The lady and I are currently in the midst of watching all 7 seasons of Buffy. We just finished the big downer that is season 5 and are starting season 6. The funny thing is that I pay for cable TV despite the fact that the only TV we watch is Buffy. I suppose after that it’s the 5 seasons of Angel but with them currently retailing at 75.00 a season it won’t be happening any time soon. Plus none of the torrent sites seem to have the complete set.

Anyways, to make a long story even longer I’ve found this pretty interesting Buffy fan site featuring all types of trivia and what not. If you’ve ever wanted to know what band played in what episode or about this demon or that then it’s the place to go. One question that I’ve pondered pretty much from the first episode onward is why does a place like the Bronze continually serve alcohol to people clearly under age. From my understanding the legal drinking age in the states in 21. Those opaque plastic cups didn’t fool me.

Flashcube Podcast

After last weeks disaster at trying to get four people together via Skype to podcast, I’ve decided to go it alone….for now at least. I recorded the first episode of the (tentatively) titled Flashcube.org Podcast.

A few things first: I’m no Rick Dees so don’t a polished personality. Secondly, the audio quality will mostly suck because I’m recording it off an iSight mic which I never turn off even while the music is playing. Normally that would be fine but for some reason or another across the street is a nightly congregation of motorbikes which someone once described as Shell’s Angels.

The whole podcast thing was made super easy by doing it through LibSyn. They take care of all the hard shit and I pay them $5.00 per month. Sounds like a deal to me.

How to subscribe: It will take a bit before I show up in iTunes so in the meantime you can do paste the RSS address into iTunes. The address is http://flashcube.libsyn.com/rss. Under iTunes go to the “Advanced” menu then “Subscribe to Podcast” and paste away. Better yet, just click here.

I know it sucks but you can help. Let me know if my levels are off (they are) or if I need more stories about robots (duh!). Better yet, be a guest because I need to hear another voice in my ears