Home Movies

Momus had described this site as the “YouTube of Super 8 home movies”. That’s a fair assessment I suppose. Although there is something slightly eerie about watching some movies from decades ago without any sound.

Also, Basketball this Saturday. Contact me for more details.

Requiem For A Lightweight

A week ago today, Dose magazine ceased publication. It’s still lives on in its online form but the nice little daily will no longer be around. The official reason according to parent company CanWest is lack of advertisers. Okay, fine I understand that it all boils down to $$$$ but in Calgary other than the two daily newspapers that leaves us Fast Forward and the monthly Beat Route. Both are good in their own right but when I was commuting to work at 6 in the morning during the past winter I didn’t want anything that used too much of my grey matter and Dose filled that niche quite nicely.


SextrisSextris. It’s kind of like Tetris but instead of Russian dancers you have smut. Now if they had dancing smut perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten bored after level 3.

The Flashcube.org Podcast Is Still Shitty

JoelrdiI still still up to what I’m good at: sucking. Luckily, I bug Joel and he tells me the story of how he found a bike in the garbage and rode it hungover to work. Mission Bugs update and more bullshit. The sound quality is now marginally better than shit. Suffice to say, a small improvement. Songs are played, cut off and spoken over. Good times. iTunes nows works. Clickity-click