Been A Long Time Getting From There To Here…..

Big 670BIt’s been a while since the last podcast but this one should adequate enough. Joining me are Joel and Jen as we discuss my mystery bruises, Joel’s kissing for art and Jen’s boob tassels. It’s really more fun than a Klingon fucking a Starfleet officer up the Jeffries tube. Not by much though.


WowohwowHaving had at least one friend succumb to this silly game I found it appropriate to link to this “World of Warcraft” porn site. Not much there right now as it’s “coming soon” but I’m sure we can expect things like pointy ears and pointy elf boobies. Taking that into consideration, what other video game based porn sites can we expect in the future; “Cocks of Contra”, “Super Mario Brothers Goo”?

Flashcube’s Got Fucking Talent!!!!!

TalentedThe lady and I are watching the finale of “America’s Got Talent” for one reason or another. That being said. I’ll offer my two cents on all the contestants I’ve seen. From what I understand “talent” means something completely different than the rest of the world. From what I can understand based on the context it means “retarded” or something because I refuse to believe that these are the most talented people in America. Here’s the rundown of contestants.

  • At Last – “Killing me softly with “her” song. C’mon boys, don’t be fags.
  • Quick Change – seen it like the last three weeks.
  • Rappin’ Granny – Endorsed by Master P. Is as tall as Regis.
  • That Singing kid – Most likely the winner. America’s looooves kids that sing like adults. Especially gospel singing kids.
  • All that – like “Lord of the dance” meets N’Sync but much, much uglier
  • The Other Singing Kid – It’s not too often I hear yodeling on TV. I bet Hasselhoff creams his jean over this one.
  • Juggling guys – Hasselhoff’s in on the act. Million dollar talent. Any  asshole can juggle a chainsaw. Let’s see them juggle those singing kids.
  • Family band
  • – We have enough of this bullshit in the Maritimes. The whole clickity-clack dancing and playing violins was interesting. No need to bring out the sparkly 4-year-old though.

  • Dancers
  • No wonder he can throw her around. She’s like half his size.

  • Some Band
  • – Blow that fucking harmonica harder, asshole! What the fuck! Why is that 12 year old wearing leather pants!

After two hours of this bullshit we got bored and are watching Star Trek instead.

One last thing: David Hasselhoff has a blog. That’s it. I fucking quit.