N-Word Please

N-WordpleaseAll Hip Hop has an article about an NAACP gathering on Monday to discuss the use of the N-word in popular media. All of this comes in light of Michael Richards’ outburst last week in he apparently went batshit crazy, tried to come back by making some enlightened point about “words”, saw that it was going nowhere, dropped the microphone and left. Classy.

Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of the Seinfeld season 7 DVDs. Jerry must be pissed.

It’s a good thing Chamillionaire seems to have his head on straight and notes the hypocrisy

“Its not just rappers its as African-Americans in general, we do a lot of things that are opposite of past history, We wear flashy jewelry and brag like its a trophy, when people in the present and past history would get killed for the diamonds. We promote violence and drugs but complain about violence and drugs. We don’t vote but complain about who is in office. We throw the ‘n-word’ around like its a good thing, when in the past it was one of the most dreadful words. All this stuff has grown to become a part of the culture.”

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