Saddam 1Saddam Hussein was hung a few days ago. I know it’s a bit late on the ball but I’ve been enjoying all the lazy time I can. My take on the matter: Good! He was shown as much compassion as those whom he killed. The Iraqi-American exiles don’t seem to mind either.

My bets on the next dictator to go is “President-For-Life” of Cuba Fidel Castro. He hasn’t been looking that good lately and has “temporarily” ceded power to his brother Raul who himself at 70-something is not exactly a spring chicken. Rumor has it that Fidel has terminal cancer though though his spokesperson has said he stomach problems or something. Whatever he has, it can be guaranteed that as soon as news of his death breaks the streets of Miami will be going apeshit in celebration as the last dictator in the Western world is relieved of duty.

The ironic part about all of this is that I’m spending the evening at a place that celebrates revolutionary chic and has pictures of Castro and Mao all over the place. I try not to roll my eyes too much. Especially at the cockass in the Che shirt who thought “The Motorcycle Diaries” was an accurate protrayal. Just saying.

Stop! What’s That Sound?

Ff 124 Ultraman2 FIt’s…..nothing. Wow! I haven’t heard that in a about a week or so. Since I started my holidays in which I had more than my share of family, sickness, food, and booze. It all sort of coalesced in last night’s shit show and the anticlimax is me sitting in my Avon Comfortable Snuggle (so far my favourite Xmas present. If for any reason that the lady got herself one to match) eating yesterdays pizza and watching Jesus Is Magic.

I was sent this article this morning about ultra-long distance runner Dean Karnazes which is really inspiring. My running schedule has been interrupted in the last few weeks firstly due to a nasty cold/cough/pain-in-the-ass and secondly holiday obligations. I’ve hardly the outfit for running outside in this weather but the article makes me miss it as the treadmill does get really boring after a while. Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to have legs like him. I’m halfway there due to my disproportionately muscular legs. I’m serious, don’t make me unzip my Snuggle and show you.

Best photo you’ll see all year:


WolfblitzerFormer KKK Grand Dragon and general piece of shit David Duke is interviewed by Wolf Blitzer about his recent cozying up with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. My guess is that Duke hates the Jews more than he does brown people. It’s interesting to watch Duke skirt around such basic questions like “Do you think there was a holocaust?”

Federal Accountability Act Becomes Law

AccountabilityactThe Federal Accountability Act has become law. This is fantastic news and hopefully will restore faith in politics in the wake of the Liberal sponsorship scandal. The Federal Accountability Act will:

  • Reduce the opportunity to exert influence with money by banning corporate, union, and large personal political donations;
  • Give Canadians confidence that lobbying is done ethically with a five-year lobbying ban on former ministers, their aides, and senior public servants;
  • Ensure people who see problems in government know they can speak up by providing iron-clad protection for whistleblowers; and
  • Ensure Canadians know how their money is spent by enhancing the power for the Auditor General to follow the money.

There’s nothing wrong with transparency in government as it benefits everyone. I had doubts it would even pass into law as it’s been held up in senate since April. Now, about those fixed terms.

Last Christmas

Last-ChristmasI’ve never been too big into Christmas. The gifts are nice and all but you will never see me walking down the street with a pair of reindeer ears on. I feel like it though after visiting the Last Christmas website which promises from now until Christmas between seven and eight cover versions of Wham’s “Last Christmas” a day. Holy Fuck!!! They’re already up to day nine and I couldn’t be happier. The Pas/Cal version is a dream.