Mark Steyn on 30 years of Star Wars

When Senator-Queen Padmé (Natalie Portman) reveals that she’s pregnant, her secret husband Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) reacts with an eerie glassy-eyed expression as if he’s hypnotised himself trying to remember the next line. Eventually, Lucas prompts him and he utters the words, ‘I’ll have the club sandwich.’ No, wait. That’s just what it sounds like. He actually says:

‘You’re so …beautiful.’

‘It’s only because I’m so in love,’ says Padmé tonelessly, like a spy giving the reply password.

‘No,’ says Anakin. ‘I’m so in love. With you,’ he adds helpfully, just in case Padmé figures it’s the hot-looking Wookie strolling by in the background.

Scootie-Puff Junior

Leave your dignity at home when you travel to Vegas.

In increasing numbers, Las Vegas tourists exhausted by the four miles of gluttony laid out before them are getting around on electric “mobility scooters.”

Don’t think trendy Vespa motorbikes. Think updated wheelchairs.

Forking over about $40 a day and their pride, apparently healthy tourists are cruising around Las Vegas casinos in transportation intended for the infirm.


MacLeans addresses Canada’s baby deficit:

They’re fit. And rich. Mary Hart would say they positively glow. They’re never strained for time or help, and their kids look like they’re out of a Polo ad. They are celebrity moms — Gwen, Reese, Gwyneth, Katie — and they’re the reason $12 California Baby massage oils, $95 “Mummy and Me” reflexology treatments, and $1,200 Bugaboo strollers have come to seem not wholly unreasonable for a family of average means.