Britain. Britain. Britain.

Melanie Phillips gives some insight on Britain’s anti-semetic turn. Interestingly this anti-semitism isn’t coming from the usual suspects but rather the academic Left.

Theological anti-Semitism’s themes reemerged in the next mutation: racial anti-Semitism. This ideology held that, on account of their genetic inheritance, Jews were the enemies of humanity—a demonic conspiracy whose malign influence could be countered only by removing them from the face of the earth. Nazi Germany tried to do just that, killing 6 million Jews between 1933 and 1945.

One thought on “Britain. Britain. Britain.

  1. Don’t look for any academic left here, duder. It’s either an upper class thing or a lower class thing, and i’d say that antisemitism in England is an upper class thing. And a Mel Gibson thing.
    p.s. wasn’t it the Romans who killed Jesus? why is this such a source of confusion?

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