Blair isn’t to blame for Islamist terror | Comment | The Observer
By Denis MacShane of The Guardian UK

Ten years ago, in November 1997, 50 Swiss tourists rose early to visit
the Valley of the Kings across the Nile from Luxor in Egypt. Suddenly
from the hills came a group of Islamists. They shot, disembowelled and
decapitated the tourists.

It was just one of the many forerunners of
9/11 in 2001 in New York, 7/7 in 2005 in London or 11/M as the Spanish
call the train bombings in Madrid in 2004. Today, as the killing in the
name of extremist political Islamist ideology increases in tempo and
intelligence agencies struggle to disarm those promised a passage to
heaven if they blow themselves and others up, the earlier wave of
militant Islamist killing can be overlooked.

One thought on “Blair

  1. I interested to hear what you think about this Labour MP’s position Skilling.
    Personally, if a Labour MP’s lips are moving i tend to assume it’s a pack of lies and alibis. This sounds like no exception.
    Sure terrorism existed before Blair and Bush took the reins, but have they helped the situation or have they manipulated it so incompetently that they’ve brought the western world to greater harm??

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