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Black or White

Race row as actor Robert Downey Jr blacks up for new film | the Daily Mail

Actor Robert Downey Jr has in the past been applauded for his edgy roles.

But his latest may be a step too far – as the actor dons make-up to play a rather convincing looking black man in a new Hollywood film starring comic actor Ben Stiller.

In a still from film Tropic Thunder, Downey Jnr is sandwiched between Ben Stiller, and a blonde Jack Black.

Puh-leez! I guess nobody’s seen “White Chicks” with Shawn and Marlon Wayans.


Prince to have hip replacement

Prince is set to have a hip replacement.

The 49-years-old singer will reportedly undergo surgery to remove and replace his hip with a titanium joint.

A source told Britain’s News of the World newspaper, “For months Prince, who always puts on the most energetic shows, has been complaining of pain every time he moves.

“He is totally crushed because he knows he will never be the same again.”

A moment of silence please.

Lost In Translation

The Spectator

Reuters translated the Hebrew word ‘shoah’ as ‘holocaust’. But ‘shoah’ merely means disaster. In Hebrew, the word ‘shoah’ is never used to mean ‘holocaust’ or ‘genocide’ because of the acute historical resonance. The word ‘Hashoah’ alone means ‘the Holocaust’ and ‘retzach am’ means ‘genocide’. The well-known Hebrew construction used by Vilnai used merely means ‘bringing disaster on themselves’.

You Po-Ta-To, I say holocaust.

Internet idiocy

Internet idiocy: the latest pandemic

To be ignorant has always been easy: Simply sit back in your recliner and watch Fox News.

But to be genuinely misinformed has become exponentially easier with the rise of the Internet, as lies and half-truths gush forth through its twisted web of data-tubes.

In the pre-Web age, publishing something which was patently false required a fair bit of money or, at the very least, access to some dumb schmuck who was willing to publish your ideas for you, and giving legitimacy to ill-conceived or outright moronic views required hours and hours of cherry-picking quotes and struggling to find sources that agreed with you.

Also, Oswald killed Kennedy and the moon landing was real.