The choice is yours

The entire idea of children’s beauty pagents sort of creeps me out. It’s not that some kids aren’t cute but dolling up a 4 year old in an evening dress and make-up can be a bit unnerving. The only thing even more disturbing are the parents of these childen as they live vicariously through these kids in order to fill the hole in their empty, meaningless lives. So, if you want to see a webpage put together by the mother of some beauty pageant kids, click here. But if you want to play a slightly amusing online snowbarding game, click here.

Eric’s Christmas letter

Hello friends,

I have been at my parents for about three days now and have learned the scope of human endurance. Whether it be how far one’s stomach can distend after being filled with Christmas cheer and food or how much wine and spirits one can drink without appearing a lush arround the in-laws.

Again, I have retained the title of “favourite uncle” to my neices and nephew. They like me because I can talk to them about the crap they like with a very good degree of knowledge. In fact, just this afternoon my niece and I had a lively debate on the merits of Britney vs. Christina. We both like Christina better as Britney’s new album is weak.

They show their appreciation in strange ways though. Usually this entails all of them taking out an appendage. With five of them in total it can be pretty difficult to escape. The worst part is they get bigger every single year.

I brought my iPod with me to keep me entertained and hooked it up to the computer speakers. My mom calls it my “little special thing”.

I have taken a liking to taking a sauna several times a day. My dad showed me a way to trick to temperature guage so that it get even hotter than it’s really supposed to go. I’ve been able to get it up to around 200 degrees Fehrenheit at which point I experience euphoria. I’ve never taken any hallucigens but I suspect after spending 2 hours in a sauna the experience is quite similar. Most of time though I close my eyes and pretend I’m in Maui. Which, had things gone according to plan, I would be right now.


On more than one occasion I have seen this during one of my sauna hallucinations. What does it mean?


A close friend sent me a photo yesterday of her and I taken during the summer before my hair was long and glinty. It was the day after a wedding. In her words:

It has become one of my favorite photos. I think we look like royalty caught by a photographer in on of our precious moments of repose.

I like the photo. This is my website and I will post it.


The Roommate enticed me from my hangover-induced nap to go to the new Daiso store in Richmond. Daiso is a store that sells discount goods and is very popular throughout Asia with over 2400 stores. The Richmond store is the only one that exists outside of Asia. Oh yes, and everything is $2. And by everything I mean every fucking piece of plastic crap, every pa-ra-ra notepad, every lemon-scented moist towelette, and every mystery Asian snack . But I guess it’s pretty easy to drive the price down when the minimum lot of any item manufactured for the store is 10 million. It’s the model of efficiency as when you finally do ring up your purchases they basically count the number of items and double it.

The outside of Daiso looks like a Mondrian pianting. Somehow I managed to spend over $80 on things I may or may not have needed but look fucking great. It’s a bit of a journey to get to if you live in Vancouver but it’s well worth checking out. I’m a better person because of it because, fuck, look at all this shit I got! It’s tantamount that I bring someone else when I go next. Please make arrangements in the comments.

Thank you for shopping at Daiso.