The Prime Time

ForeigndevilFrom The Latelian Cycle #1: Foreign Devil
By Lee Bond

In Garth’s humble opinion, bathrooms and interrogation rooms shared a lot in common. Strip away the fancy features like warmed toilet seats, vanity mirrors, shackles and chuckling minions of evil, and what remained was a room of pure function. In the case of the interrogation room, or holding cell, or visitor’s area, that function was to make someone uncomfortable. Many designers for interrogation rooms went whole on the hog by going in for bells and whistles, forgetting that the very basic reaction of fear was to be avoided at all costs; a terrified person won’t tell an interrogator what he or she knows, but what he or she thinks people want to hear. A person who is uncomfortable will, over time, spill all the beans just to be quit of the interrogation room. A person on the knife’s edge of sanity will say whatever gets them out quickly. In his professional opinion, the one he was in that moment rated three out of five for originality and functionality; he’d spent a goodly time in a number of places designed to put him a more conversational frame of mind, and while it had never worked the way his captors had planned, he had enough experience to know what constituted the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Flashcube Podcast 6

27112The latest podcast is now live. A 15-minute episode culled from almost 4 hours of recorded material. If you’re listening to this on either iTunes or on your iPod Nano or iPod Video then you’re in luck as this episode is features a nice slideshow. It’s like you’re really there.


PizazzzzzThe gentleman in the video gave me the pizazz. The doctor says that if doesn’t clear up within a week it may have elevated to the razzle dazzle which I hear is 10 times worse.

North Korea Photos

NorthkoreaIt’s not too often that you see photos of North Korea. Maybe it’s because they’re not too fond of photographs. The whole spy thing, you know. If this photo set proves anything, it’s that kids wearing zebra pants are cute regardless of what country they come from.

Postcard from the edge

SoccerOkay, okay so maybe I’ve been a bit delinquent in the last week or so about keeping this site up to date. The good news: I’m not dead. The bad news: I’m not dead.

A few things to look forward to this week. Firstly, an image to this post which I’ll put up when I get home and after I’ve jogged. Last week was a bit of a write-off due to shitty weather. Also, a podcast recorded live from a party I’m throwing this weekend. Plus more post about stuff that makes me blush. In the meantime, why not check out Lee’s site.