Segregate It | Trustees approve Afrocentric school for Toronto

Trustees with the Toronto District School Board have voted to approve an “operational model” for an Afrocentric school, a controversial plan to help struggling black students in the city’s education system.

“The strategies developed by our staff following consultation with our communities, will hopefully more effectively address the needs of youth who have historically struggled in TDSB schools,” John Campbell, chair of the board, said in a press release late Tuesday night.

Didn’t we deal with segregation in schools like, I don’t know, over 40 years ago?

Not Much Better Than Ezra

Follow Ezra Levant’s ongoing dispute with the Alberta Human Rights Commission at his blog. He got into some trouble after a complaint was filed after his magazine “The Western Standard” published the infamous Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed a few years ago. You know the ones – the ones that cause a whole mess of riots throughout the Middle East.

Interestingly, his ordeal seems to gather support from both sides of the political spectrum despite the fact that under any other circumstance those on the Left would find him hard to stomach. However, keep in mind that freedom of speech does encompass the freedom to be a douche. That being said, draw your own conclusions. Here’s his opening statement.

4200 Luft Balloons

Balloon for each Kassam on UN doorstep | Jerusalem Post

As the United Nations Security Council debated a response to the situation in the Gaza Strip and Sderot, Israel’s New York Consulate held a protest in front of UN headquarters on Thursday, in which they placed 4,200 red balloons on the UN’s doorstep. The number of balloons signified the 4,200 Kassam rockets fired into Israel from Gaza since the 2005 disengagement from the Strip.

The display was meant to raise world awareness to the fact that Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip are part of an effort to end the rocket attacks, the consulate said in a statement.

I doubt that it’s nearly as catchy as “99 Luft Balloons” by Nena.