One skin, two skin, three skin……

Here’s a clip from an old British children’s television show called Rainbow. I distinctly remember watching the television show as a child. There’s little information though if this particular episode was actually aired but it would explain a lot about me if it was. To say that this clip is rife in innuendo would be an understatement as it hits you over the head like the giant phallus in Clockwork Orange. Here’s a direct link to the video. It’s about 16mb and Quicktime is required. The script for the show is here.

The strange bedfellows of

What an ephemeral existence I lead. One in which I can while away the rest of this afternoon safe in the assumption that I can write what I want, when I want, because of the absolute zero implications it has outside of the context of the internet.

As long promised, here are some photos of last months Vegas trip. I have long since thrown out the photos which contain various out-of-focus body parts

Tammy World

Tammy World is either the best website in the world or the fucking scariest. Series after series of photo vignettes featuring Tammy doing a variety of things while drinking Old Milwaukee then passing out. There’s something captivating about them but at the same time a bit unsettling and funny.

Adult baby radio

The Adult Baby fetish now has a voice in the form of Adult Baby Radio. You can listen to songs about adult crapping in their adult -sized diapers, sucking their “baba”, and monologues about how the fetish is misunderstood and how people should let adult babies be babies and accept them. I want my bwanky!

This is not a picture of me. I would never wear that shirt.