Ticket To Heaven

I may as well buy a ticket to heaven because I’m sure as fuck not getting there otherwise. Not with the trail of disappointment and broken hearts I’ve left behind me. Can I buy the ticket with the money I stole from the brittle pensioner or would that be bad?


Proving that middle-earth inspired, folk-music is not necessarily confined to the human race comes Elvendrums. Elvendrums are a four-piece band comprised of elves or rather the anachronistic society’s house band. Surprisingly no Hootie covers but instead songs such as “Witches’ Ball” and “The Dragon”. There’s samples of each song on the website and more chaos than you can ever imagine.

This generations “The Mommas and the Poppas”

Aerobic Striptease

Carmen Electra is famous for something but I don’t know what. Now she can be famous for being a even more of a skank than usual. Yes, here comes Ms. Electra – harnessing the awesome power of both aerobics and striptease into one volatile mixture called aptly enough Aerobic Striptease. If I wanted masturbation fodder I wouldn’t get an aerobics video. If I wanted an aerobics video, my exercise regiment would not include pelvic grinds and thrusts.