Step Up To The Plate

There’s nothing like making a graph based on some intangible facts to get the evening going right. It was fun and proved to be an outlet for creativity in the two minutes it me to figure out the interface and produce this work of art.

What The Fuck Is It?

I don't knowWatch the trailer for Crispin Glovers movie What is it? Don’t as me what it was about the because somewhere between the screaming, ants, and actors with Down’s syndrome lies a plot. And I’m quite positive that plot is as entertaining as the half of Miss Congeniality 2 that I saw last evening.

Ring My Bell!

Okey Dokey!For a person who bitches a lot about having too much time on his hands I sure am busy this week. So consequently I’m gonna try and get a few days worth of posts in tonight and hopefully it will keep the jackals at bay for a while.

The short little video (Window Media Player required) features a group of young girls watching and then freaking out at a scene from The Ring. It amused me enough to post it here tonight. Mostly because of the surprise ending.

Celebrity Playlists

Marching March!!The Apple Japan website is currently featuring celebrity playlists for their iPods. Most of the playlists are pretty typical; Halcali listen to a lot of American RnB and Hip Hop and Supercar listen to a lot of American guitar rock and electronic like Squarepusher and Felix Da Housecat. And Gackt’s tastes and music are quite shitty. Interesting if you’re into this type of thing like I am.

New Merchandise

Thanks!Okay, the merchandise isn’t that new but I have changed the design slightly. Gone is the old design with the lipstick and heart. It’s been replaced by the logo used at the top of this website. I was forwarded complaints by those who were apprehensive of wearing the previous design around town. I don’t know. I kind of liked it.

A couple of other things have changed as well. Before I had earmarked any money I made off the merchandise to go into things like new shoes or pants for me. Now 100% of the profit (which is zero at the time of this post) will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. When someone close to you is diagnosed, suddenly they become more important than yourself. And we all know how into myself I am. Anyways, I’m gonna get the ball rolling by buying a shirt. You should too. Or if you don’t want one, throw a couple of bucks their way.

Ne me quitte pas

I checked out the live eagle cam on this site but either it wasn’t working or the lights were out and they were sleeping. Sleeping is something I should probably be doing right now if I was smart but that’s never stopped me before. Coincidently, the picture of Jaques Brel to the right has absolutely nothing to do with eagles but one of his songs happened to be going through my head as I stepped in from the cold this evening. Possibly my worst post ever. Perhaps I can salvage it with a link to the new Bill Nye TV show.