Movie Night

Public Domain MidDo you remember that totally wicked scene from “The Wild Women of Wongo”? Nope? Don’t worry. Neither do I. But if we both watch it together then we can have some sort of intelligent discourse afterwards. Check out other movies that have fallen into the public domain here.

Skype Video Mac OS X

Mac Vp ShotSkype has recently released the 1.5 version for Mac OS X with video chat. Skype audio quality is excellent however when trying out the video chat with a friend I found it to cut in and out. And this is with Skype being the sole application running on my fairly new machine.

I had actually planned on recording a podcast tonight as I had the rare opportunity of having several friends on Skype at the same time but I wasn’t able to sort out the software side of things. Afterwards, I did manage to find an excellent tutorial on how to record using Audio Hijack. It’s worth checking out. If anyone is interested in being featured in the next podcast, let me know.

The Dark Side

ThedarksideWatch The Dark Side for free via the PBS website. Here’s the synopsis

Amid revelations about faulty prewar intelligence and a scandal surrounding the indictment of the vice president’s chief of staff and presidential adviser, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, FRONTLINE goes behind the headlines to investigate the internal war that was waged between the intelligence community and Richard Bruce Cheney, the most powerful vice president in the nation’s history.